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[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.] Summer of Basilio


it seems kjelle was initially going to be a myrmidon as her starting class early in the game’s development so i wanted to draw her as one

there were parts of the female myrmidon design i didn’t really like though, so i tweaked it!


lol i have 5 generals on my team






(just some full body/expression practice)


let ‘em wonder how we got this far
'cause i don't need to wonder at all ♫♪


Hi guys!! I’m so excited!

I actually managed to fix up my Kjelle in time for Fanime! I remade a lot of the arm/leg armor to fit better and be sleeker + give me more mobility! I also fixed the wreath/shoulder armor and made it so it sat on my shoulders more accurately instead of having the back stick up like before I’M SO STOKED

All of these photos are by the totally awesome Somatic Studios he snapped them so quick too wowee

ALSO I just installed TagViewer and I can’t believe all of the nice things people have been saying about my cosplay, thank you thank you I hope we can all be buds ; u ;/

My FB page is here also if you want to check it out! Miss Steak

AND if you want to see my Kjelle “in action” I’m featured in this totally rad video


One big, happy, bonkers family.


Kjelle training….i forgot everything about coloring again lmao

(Request from sailorkami, thank you! (/;u;)/ )


finally uploaded my piece that was featured in the fe:a eternal bonds fanbook!

thanks again to everyone who purchased a copy & all the wonderful artists who contributed!


AHH I’m in love with this photo so I thought I’d share it here too!!

More of my Kjelle cosplay from ALA 2014, I’m so lucky to have such talented photographer friends for sure q u q

If you want to track my other cosplays I unfortunately don’t post here a lot but my fb page has more! I’m hoping to do a lot more with Kjelle after I fix the armor.

Kjelle cosplay by Miss Steak Cosplay

Photo by the amazing SNTP!


Our enemy seems to be defeated. The day is won. Though…not by us. This victory was given to us by those brave warriors from afar. Perhaps Mother and Father saw our pitiful plight from up in heaven… They must have gone to Naga to appeal for her help. Mother, Father…thank you. I know you’ve always protected me. But you can rest your vigil now. I will never be weak like that again. Now it’s my turn to protect this world you fought and died for. I’ll repay this salvation by saving the world you loved so dearly. I swear it! Never again will I yield to my enemy! Never again will I let myself be cornered! So be at the peace as you watch me from heaven. Heaven and…the other world.